i3 reference

A copy of i3 Reference Card.

M = modifier


Key Feature
M+enter open new terminal
M+j focus left
M+k focus down
M+l focus up
M+; focus right
M+a focus parent
M+space toggle focus mode

Moving Windows

Key Feature
M+J moving window left
M+K moving window down
M+L moving window up
M+: moving window right

Opening Applications / Closing Windows

Key Feature
M+d open application launcher (dmenu)
M+Q kill a window

Restart / Exit

Key Feature
M+C reload the configuration file
M+R restart i3 inplace
M+E exit i3

Modifying Windows

Key Feature
M+f toggle fullscreen
M+v split a window vertically
M+h split a window horizentally
M+r resize mode

Changing The Container Layout

Key Feature
M+e default
M+s stacking
M+w tabbed


Key Feature
M+shift+space toggle floating
M+ mouse draging drag floating

Using Workspaces

Key Feature
M+0~9 switch to another workspace
M+shift+0~9 move a window to another workspace
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